Encapsulix now introduces the Parallel Precursor Wave (PPW) ALD equipment system.

Encapsulix introduces the Parallel Precursor Wave (PPW) ALD equipment technology. The essential mechanism of deposition is a chemical process of two gases reacting on the surface forming a thin layer of barrier material; this is done repeatability until the desired thickness is achieved. The Encapsulix innovation is the development of a system that yields a moving or propagating wave of gas confined in a N2 gas pulse. This wave of reactive gas scans across the substrate at 20 meters/sec with no moving parts or substrate. The simplicity of the techniques is borne from the injection, gas dosing and system configuration. It is superior in production applications to the much more complex and reliability plagued moving substrate or moving injector head technologies. Furthermore this proprietary technology has a modular system which allows us to build ALD reactors for substrates which are practically infinitely scalable and having throughputs that are orders of magnitude higher than those of conventional or competing ALD systems. The ensuing Cost of Ownership improvement makes next generation encapsulation technology economically feasible, providing an immediate path to significant gains in device durability and financial viability.