Encapsulix ships an Infinitytm M500 Atomic Layer Deposition production system to leading OLED lighting manufacturer

Infinity M500 ALD equipment

Encapsulix today announced that it has shipped an Infinitytm M500 to a leading OLED lighting manufacturer in Europe. The system will be used to deposit the encapsulation layer for OLED lighting devices, in applications such as residential, commercial, automotive, and avionics markets. As previously released the order was awarded to Encapsulix, an Atomic Layer Deposition equipment company based in France with offices in the US after an extensive evaluation of available ALD equipment suppliers of barrier and encapsulation coatings. “We are absolutely committed to the successful ramp-up of our technology at our customer site and are confident that our Infinitytm M500 will provide them a competitive advantage in many areas, such as barrier properties, device life time, and very importantly cost of ownership”, stated Dr. Jacques Kools, founder and CEO of Encapsulix. He also stated, “Our Infinity ALD product line addresses the barrier film requirements for the OLED lighting and display, organic and printed flexible electronics, data storage markets and further has applications in specific industrial markets”. The Infinity ALD equipment platform was developed by Encapsulix to address the universal need for geometrically scaled barrier coatings. These coating are on the order of 10-100nm in thickness, with substrate sized ranging from 200mm to over 1 Meter by 1 Meter. The Infinitytm M500 system shipped is capable of processing a 400mm by 500mm substrate ( e.g. glass or sheet to sheet flexible). This particular tool is configured for Gen2 or Gen 2.5 glass. The Infinitytm ALD family of equipment is configurable for any size substrate beyond Gen5.5 and in a Roll to Roll configuration for up to 1 Meter web widths. “The Infinitytm M500 innovation provides both barrier performance as well as unparalleled cost of ownership and reliability”, stated Emmanuel Lakios, EVP Encapsulix, and continued ”Unlike other complicated scanning mechanical head approaches our proprietary confined scanning gas is relatively simple and absolutely more reliable. While the barrier performance speaks for itself we also have the flexibility to deposit multi material laminate structures where other techniques have limitations. We believe that the scanning gas technology will be the chosen ALD solution for barrier and encapsulation films”. Download press release