Encapsulix SAS installs Infinitytm M500 Atomic Layer Deposition system at Astron Fiamm Safety, a leading OLED lighting manufacturer

Encapsulix SAS and Astron Fiamm Safety today announced that an Infinitytm M500 has been successfully installed in the production line at Astron Fiamm Safety. The system will be used for applications serving the residential, commercial, automotive and avionics markets. The order was announced in September 2013 and was awarded to Encapsulix SAS an Atomic Layer Deposition equipment company based in France with offices in the US. The Infinity ALD equipment platform was developed by Encapsulix SAS to address the universal need for geometrically scaled barrier and encapsulation coatings. These coatings are on the order of 10-100nm in thickness, with substrate sized ranging from 200mm to over 1 Meter by 1 Meter. The Infinitytm M500 system is capable of processing a 400mm by 500mm substrate and is configured to accommodate Astron Fiamm Safety’s Gen2 OLED production line.
“The Infinity M500 was selected as best in class in the areas of film performance as a barrier coating, throughput and overall cost of ownership for our demanding application” stated Bruno Dussert-Vidalet, CEO of Astron Fiamm Safety, and continued “ the Infinitytm M500 will also be utilized to develop coatings outside of the barrier application”. “We are very excited about our installed Infinitytm M500 system at Astron Fiamm Safety” stated Dr. Jacques Kools, founder and CEO of Encapsulix SAS. He also stated “Our Infinity ALD system clearly addresses the barrier film requirements for the OLED lighting and display, organic flexible electronics, data storage markets and further has applications in Semiconductor and industrial markets. Our cost of ownership and performance out paces other competing tool configurations and products”.