Airbus Group Development to support Encapsulix

Simiane, France May, 12th, 2014 : Encapsulix announced today that it received the support of Airbus Development Group .
With funding in the form of a participatory business loan, Airbus Development Group (formerly known as EADS Development) stands out as an actor in the financing chain and business support in the south of France, supporting ten companies per year.
Beyond strict financial support, Airbus Development Group can provide contacts and exchanges between operational department managers or management of Airbus Group and supported small companies, thereby contributing to economic development surrounding its French sites.
Encapsulix based in Simiane-Collongue, France, has developed technology and equipment for depositing ultra thin layers of the order of 10 to 100 nanometers thick, allowing to significantly extend the lifetime of certain materials and electronic components, removing corrosion from atmospheric water vapor.