Encapsulix launches new product

Encapsulix launches InfinityTM M200D, latest member of the product line of industrial ALD InfinityTM equipment. The M200D equipment deposits oxide layers as well as nanoscopic nanolaminats on substrates having dimensions up to 200mm x 200mm. It targets applications in R & D organizations working on a variety of components, such as OLED displays for connected devices (smart glasses, smart watches or flexible phone screens), advanced photovoltaics and batteries thin layers. Compact, flexible and optimized for R & D, Encapsulix InfinityTM M200D is based on the same technological core as the other members of the InfinityTM Family (M500D for substrates Gen 2.5 (500mm x 400mm) and M750D for substrates Gen 4.5 (750mm x 1000 mm)), ensuring a flawless transfer of process from R & D to manufacturing.
The delivery of the first M200D machine is scheduled for December 2015.